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Finally switching to the handle "David DeAngelo" in , he released an updated, expanded, and somewhat more politically-correct version of the post as the ebook Double Your Dating, at the time the sole product of the eponymous company he ran by himself from the bedroom of his oceanside apartment in San Diego.

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DeAngelo runs an e-mail newsletter which is distributed to over 1 million subscribers. DeAngelo argues that much human social behavior is related in some way to sexual reproduction , and that human mating habits do not differ significantly from other species. Sexual reproduction is a union that results in increasing genetic diversity of the offspring.

He suggests that societal conditioning has programmed many modern men to develop involuntary habits that increase the failure rate of consistently attracting women or negate the attractive qualities that were designed to make women want them. DeAngelo states in one of his advanced dating technique seminars that people can use his techniques to achieve a variety of goals, whether that goal is to have casual sex or to form more lasting relationships. One of his beliefs is that being intellectual doesn't automatically equal success with women, but that such success can be acquired.

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DeAngelo contends most men lack a deep understanding of women, and are thus at a loss to attract the ones they desire. As a result, men are forced to accept whomever selects them. DeAngelo also believes that women are not as obsessed with the appearance of prospective mates as males are. Rather, DeAngelo asserts that a woman will feel attraction automatically when she perceives a man to have certain characteristics such as confidence, lightheartedness, humor and independence, qualities he labels "cocky and funny" or "cocky funny.

Thus, while a typical man might hope to appeal to a desirable woman with obsequiousness and unbridled enthusiasm, carefully hiding any reservations he might have about her, a "cocky and funny" one would actually make his reservations abundantly clear from the outset, albeit flirtatiously and with humor. DeAngelo stresses that his recommendations are limited to advising men on how to present themselves more attractively in dating scenarios, and makes it clear that his advice is not necessarily relevant to ongoing relationships. Nice guy is a term in the general public discourse and in popular culture for a male with certain personality traits and behaviors.

In film, reframing is changing the view of a subject. He is also the founder of a business company named getaltitude. The foundation for the Double Your Dating series is an ebook which claims to help men "demystify" much of what goes into attraction.

Many of the guests that appear in his interview series also appear in his seminars and programs. CD may stand for: As evidenced in his Sexual Communication series, DeAngelo encourages students to evaluate his material "with your own minds". Geoffrey Miller Geoffrey Miller is a widely recognised evolutionary psychologist, whose work is in the tradition of scientists such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Steven Pinker. This article does not cite any references or sources. Erik Von Markovik born September 24, , better known by the stage name Mystery, is an innovator[1] in the seduction community, and a main character in the non-fiction book The Game: He describes the program as "men going in on one side of the tunnel and coming out, new and transformed on the other side".

Tucker Max is an American fratire writer known for chronicling his sexual and drunken exploits on his website, Tuckermax. The website is the only internet forum recognized by DeAngelo himself as an affiliate. Is a non-profit place that allows the students a place to discuss various dating issues and share ideas learned from David DeAngelo's various programs. The website also offers free audio interviews with various speakers at DeAngelo's past programs.

In the never-ending quest to offer more value to the people, The Students Of David Deangelo website interviews High-profile dating Gurus. The forum members select a Guru and the moderatos try to get an interview, that consist in a series of questions made also by the forum members.


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The Orlando Sentinel is the primary newspaper of the Orlando, Florida region. The Mercury is a daily newspaper, published in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Dating coaches offer their services to men and women who want to improve their success in dating and relationships.

Want to know more? Search encyclopedia, statistics and forums:. DeAngelo's December 17, post can be found here. Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. January 2, Sunday Telegraph Australia.

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There is enough paradigms to keep evolving for the rest of your life and more. Everything David DeAngelo does is for the future. He lives for the future. Keep learning for the future.

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Another aha moment is I realised that how you behave is how your business behaves. A business is a true reflection of you. If you are codependent, someone will have the esteem and take all of it. Character is the pathway towards success. How to feel frustrated. Think about your ideal success picture with women, now think how far you are and how lame you are.

You just need to make a decision based on your intuition. This was the first seminar that taught key concepts in the world of psychology and I was able to really uncover and find true treasures within myself.

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